Best Luxury Car Leases Deals

Looking to lease a luxury car in December or the New Year? It’s that time of the year when car dealerships and manufacturers have tantalising lease deals. These are manufacturer backed car leases that can help you to save money in the long term.

The good thing is that you don’t have to go sifting through the internet to get the most exciting luxury car leases. This article contains details of the available luxury car lease deals to help you pick one that meets your financial aid driving needs.

Best Luxury Car Leases Deals

Luxury Car Leases

The available luxury car leases for December 2022 appear in an easy to scan table format. At one glance, you can see the details of the vehicle’s make and model; it’s the year of manufacture, the manufacturer recommend sale price (MRSP), monthly payments, the lease term, the down payment, and the offer expiry date.

This format makes it easier to compare the lease deals in all possible aspects and choose one that works for you. After scaning through the table, contact the local dealership or the manufacturer’s representative to discuss how you can enroll. The deals depend on the availability of vehicles, your core, and your location.

Here is a table with all the available luxury leases for December 2022:

YearMakeMRSPMonthly PaymentsLease Period (Months)Down PaymentExpiry Date
2023Acura Integra$30,800-$36,800$39936$2,99901/03/23
2023Acura MDX$49,550-$73,200$68936$5,78901/03/23
2023Acura TLX$37,700-$53,600$47936$5,99901/03/23
2023Audi A3$34,900-$36,900$49936$4,38901/03/23
2023Audi A3$34,900-$36,900$46936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A3$34,900-$36,900$44936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A3$34,900-$36,900$47936$3,99901/03/23
2023Audi A3$34,900-$36,900$49936$4,39301/03/23
2023Audi A4$39,900-$42,000$48936$4,47901/03/23
2023Audi A4$39,900-$42000$47936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A4$39,900-$42000$49936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A4$39,900-$42,000$57936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A4$39,900-42,000$50936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A4$39,900-$42,000$55936$4,25301/03/23
2023Audi A4$39,900$52936$4,42301/03/23
2023Audi A5$44,600-53,900$57936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A5$44,600-$53,900$57936$5,22901/03/23
2023Audi A5$44,600-$53,900$62936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A5$44,600-$53,900$60936$4,99901/03/23
2023Audi A6$55,900-$59,800$64936$6,33901/03/23
2023Audi A6$55,900-$59,800$66936$,6,99901/03/23
2023Audi A6$55,900-$59,800$70936$5,99901/03/24
2022Audi A8$86,500$1,05936$8,95901/03/23
2023Audi Q3$36,400-$38,700$49936$4,36901/02/23
2023Audi Q3$36,400-$38,700$49936$3,99901/02/23
2023Audi Q3$36,400-$38,700$46936$5,36301/02/23
2023Audi Q5$43,500-$59,200$54936$4,81301/02/23
2023Audi Q5$43,500-$59,200$54936$4,99901/02/23
2023Audi Q5$43,500-$59,200$52936$4,99901/02/23
2023Audi Q5$43,500-$59,200$56936$4,99901/02/23
2023Audi Q5$43,500-$59,200$56936$4,99901/02/23
2023Audi Q5$43,500-$59,200$55936$5,46301/02/23
2023Audi Q5$43,500-$59,200$53936$5,43301/02/23
2023Audi Q7$57,500-$88,500$79936$6,53901/02/23
2023Audi Q8$71,800-$122,800$1,01936$,6,70901/02/23
2023Audi Q8$71,800-$122,800$1,03936$6,99901/02/23
2023Audi Q8$$71,800-$122,800$1,02936$6,99901/02/23
2023BMW 8-Series$87,500-$144,900$1,07936$9,81901/03/23
2023BMW 8-Series$87,500-$144,900$1,12936$9,94901/03/23
2023BMW i7$119,300$1,599369,41901/03/23
2023BMW iX$84,100-$108,900$1,28936$5,66901/03/23
2023BMW X3$45,400-$72,900$58936$,5,95901/03/23
2023BMW X3$45,400-72,900$60936$6,25901/03/23
2023BMW X4$53,400-$76,400$70936$6,18901/03/23
2023BMW X5$61,600-108,900$83936$6,06901/03/23
2023BMW X5$61,600-$108,900$85936$6,65901/03/23
2023BMW X6$70,100-$113,700$94936$8,55401/03/23
2023BMW X7$77,850-$103,100$1,08936$7,86901/03/23
2023Cadillac XT5$44,195-$57,095$53936$3,72901/03/23
2022Cadillac XT6 $49,790$56936$4,82901/03/23
2023Cadillac XT6 $48,595-$60,095$59936$4,83901/03/23
2023Genesis G70 $40,525$47936$3,36901/03/23
2023Infiniti Q50$42,650-$58,500$45936$5,33901/03/23
2023Infiniti QX55$49,150-$57,800$60936$5,199.01/03/23
2023Infiniti QX60$49,200-$65,500$56936$5,27001/03/23
2023Kia Stinger$36,590-$53,590$42936$3,99901/03/23
2023Lexus RX 350$93,050-$101,100$59939$5,99901/03/23
2023Lincoln Aviator$53,340-$89,280$71248$6,16601/03/23
2023Lincoln Corsair$36,580-$51,810$43348$4,21101/03/23
2022Lincoln Nautilus$44,080-$66,750$50148$5,03001/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz A-Class$33,950-$35,950$46936$5,57301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz C-Class$43,550-$87,100$47936$4,57301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz C-Class$43,550-$87,100$81936$5,56301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz GLA-Class$38,200-$53,900$52936$4,19301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz GLS-Class$72,950$1,10936$7,40301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz E-Class E-350$54,950-$113,500$76936$5,58301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz E-Class E-450 Coupe$54,950-$113,500$96936$6,50301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz E-Class E-450 Cabriolet$54,950-$113,500$1,04936$7,04301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz EQB$54,500-$58,080$76936$5,78301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz RQS 450 Sedan$104,400-$147,500$1,14936$9,64301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz GLA-Class$36,400-$55,400$49936$4,01301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz GLB-Class 250 SUV$38,600-$49,950$53936$4,41301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz GLC-Class 300 SUV$43,850-$66,500$60936$4,70301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz GLE-Class 350 SUV$56,150-$80,900$83936$5,08301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz GLS-Class$77,850$1,10936$7,05301/03/23
2022Mercedes Benz S-Class S-500 4MATIC Sedan$111,100-$184,900$1,15936$10,36301/03/23
2023Porsche Macan$57,500-$82,900$79936$8,69401/03/23
2023Volvo 560$41,300-$50,300$54936$3,84901/03/23
2023Volvo 590$57,000-$70,500$79536$4,09501/03/23
2023Volvo XC60$43,480-$74,150$56936$4,31901/03/23

Summary of the Luxury Car Leases

The table above represents luxury car leases for everyone. With monthly payments as low as $399 for the Acura Integra for 36 months and $2,999 due at lease signing, it’s clear that virtually anyone can lease a luxury car. The most expensive luxury car lease deal is $1,599 for BMW i7 for 36 months and $9,419 due at deal signing.

Here’s a an overview of the best luxury car leases for December 2022:

  • 2023 Acura Integra, $399 monthly for 36 months with $2,999 due at deal signing
  • 2023 Audi A3, $469 monthly import months with $4,999 due at deal signing
  • 2023 Audi Q3, $469 monthly for 36 months with $5,363 due at deal signing
  • 2023 BMW X3, $589 monthly for 36 months with $5,949 due at deal signing
  • 2023 Cadillac XT5, $539 monthly for 36 months with $3,729 due at deal signing
  • 2023 Infiniti QX60, $569 monthly for 36 months with $5,270 due at deal signing
  • 2023 Kia Stinger, $429 monthly for 36 months with $3,999 due at deal signing
  • 2023 Lexus RX 350, $599 monthly for 36 months with $5,999 due at deal signing
  • 2022 Lincoln Corsair, $433 monthly for 36 months with $4,211 due at deal signing
  • 2022 Mercedes Benz A-Class, $469 for 36 months with $3,573 due at deal signing
  • 2022 Mercedes Benz GLA-Class, $499 for 36 months with $4,013 due at deal signing
  • 2023 Volvo S60, $549 for 36 months with $3,849 due at deal signing

The Bottom Line

The available luxury car leases last until February 1 or March 1, 2023. Therefore, you have between two to three months to take advantage of them. The pricing of the lease deals ranges from extremely affordable packages to some, which are expensive.

These lease deals are backed by the car manufacturers and are reliable. Once you identify a good deal, contact the local dealership or the manufacturer’s representative. The lease terms may change based on you location and availability of the vehicle. Furthermore, your credit score matters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which luxury car brands lease the best?

There are several luxury car leases you can get. The best luxury car brands to lease include BMW, Acura, Audi, Infiniti, Lincoln, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Volvo, Kia, Porsche, and Cadillac. Each of these brands has affordable and high-end luxury leases to cater to the needs of everyone.

Is leasing a luxury car better than buying?

Leasing a luxury car is better than buying one since it involves more affordable monthly payments. Also, the lease period is shorter, and you have the vehicle to change vehicles more often. That’s an important consideration, especially if you want to have a new car every few years.

What are the best luxury car leases?

The best luxury car leases are affordable and require the payment of a smaller down payment. From the table above, the average cost for the best luxury car lease deals is $500. Getting a deal with monthly payments around that figure should be good enough for you.

Why is it not smart to lease a luxury car?

It’s not smart to lease a luxury car since it can have many restrictions that make it difficult for you to make any alterations to the vehicle. Plus, you cannot really own the vehicle. When the lease term expires, you must return the vehicle. And, you could end up spending more money in extra fees.

What are the disadvantages of leasing a luxury car?

There are many disadvantages of leasing a luxury car. First, you aren’t purchasing the vehicle so you can’t own it. Many lenders and dealerships require lessee’s to make a down payment. Plus, there are additional fees on car leases, including excess mileage fees, excessive wear and tear charges, and vehicle maintenance costs.

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